Not sure what to look for when remodeling your bathroom? Check out the pros and cons of all types of sinks before you make a decision! So, the bathroom sink. Nowadays, the choice of sinks is staggering in its range, you can choose a small round vessel sink or a large square sink. That is why it is often not easy to understand the difference between the models presented. And even more so, to choose the one that will fit perfectly into your room and into the lifestyle of all family members. Thus, in this review, we will talk about the forms and types of sink installations. We hope that the information will be a practical guide to help you make the right decision.

Overhead Bathroom Sink

Obviously, an overhead sink is installed on the countertop. This makes the most of the space in the drawers below it. As a rule, functionally, these sinks are quite dimensional and easy to use. From an aesthetic point of view – such a sink in the bathroom can be an element of design. As a rule, overhead models give a special chic to the appearance of the space. Manufacturers offer a variety of models with different geometries, from hemispheres to squares and rectangles. The choice of sinks in the bathroom is almost unlimited and ranges from simple ceramic bowls to detailed copper rectangles and delicate glass works of art. Unfortunately, the disadvantage of exclusive models is that they are usually made of flimsy material.

Recessed sinks

Recessed sinks are installed in the countertop. A trend is the possibility of embedding not only in the countertop, but also in the stove. These models are suitable for connoisseurs of conservative styles, despite the fact that recessed bathroom sinks are designed with modern trends in mind. Top-mounted sinks are located in the cabinet, and their edges are on top of the slab. All utilities are located inside and there are just options here. Siphons take up a lot of space inside the cabinet itself, because it’s desirable to mount them at the bottom. But, if you don’t have a lot of storage space, a top mount may be a better option. However, top mounts require a more careful calculation, because it is the siphon that traps dirt and debris. Often the cabinet under the sink in a small bathroom can be the only furniture, its choice should be carefully considered. Obviously, the furniture should not take up much space, but at the same time it should be functional, roomy and comfortable. In addition, a fashion trend is the semi recessed models in the countertop. They represent a middle ground between overhead and built-in products.

Tulip sink

Ideal for guests because they do not include furniture for storage. Tulip-type wash basins have their own individual style and give the room a special modern sophistication. The pedestal bathroom sink is placed on the floor and usually has one of two types of drains – into the floor or into the wall. For this purpose, in the back of the basin is designed a slot for the passage of communications. The tulip sink is attached to the wall, and there is a pedestal at the bottom. These models work well in small bathrooms and create an art deco atmosphere. The downside? With both wall mounts and pedestals, there is no storage space at the bottom. One of the most well-known benefits of installing a pedestal sink is its ability to visually increase bathroom space. 

If you’re looking for a custom bathroom sink, but you can easily find everything you need online. There’s a wide range of pedestal sinks that will fit perfectly into any decor. So you can always find the ideal solution that will fit your desires.