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Over the past 20 years IT has moved from being a specialized business unit to becoming a ubiquitous part of your enterprise. In fact many organizations have seen IT investments grow to represent their largest operating expense after salaries. Many executives have begun to question whether the level of investment is justified by the amount of value being provided. Using industrial age financial metrics to gauge their investments, many have found themselves coming up short.

With 10+ years of proven expertise in the area of logistics, human resources, customer relationship management, and business services we can deliver the best IT solutions for your enterprise in the global economy.

Corporate Software & Internet Development

Our Services

1. CRM Software

Creating long-term, profitable relationships with your best customers with solutions that address not only your customer-facing functions such as sales and service, but also your marketing and information management.

2.IT Outsourcing

Managing your IT, allowing you more freedom to specialize, innovate and pursue excellence in your market(s)

3. Web Development

Sage Whisper is corporate website design company specializing in the best cutting edge Corporate website solutions with original style, dynamic multimedia animation, content management systems, search engine marketing and robust database applications.