Any pills should be used judiciously because drugs without contraindications are simply impossible to create. Over the years, the body’s reaction to taking any pills may change, and if in the past heart pains could be relieved by widely available means, over time the situation will need to be reviewed.

Those pills that helped in the past may retain the quality of their effect on the pathology, but will negatively affect the functioning of other body systems.

To help the heart to cope with the daily regimen, you should choose medicine for heart problems with the least risk of side effects and with a safe combination with other drugs. It is especially important to choose medications that do not affect blood pressure readings, since BP fluctuations in old age can lead to impaired brain function. It is also necessary to take into account the reduced potential of the gastrointestinal organs, liver, and kidneys.

Regardless of age, independent choice of any drugs is inadmissible – a full course of treatment requires a preliminary clinical and laboratory examination of the body. The same drug on different patients may have a dramatically different effect, depending on the state of health.

It is quite reasonable to use drugs both for the pain of cardiological origin and for the prevention of heart attacks. For any purpose, there are quite a few medications for different purposes.

  1. Glycosides. A group of drugs of plant origin, used in therapeutic doses to correct arrhythmias, also have a cardiotonic effect (stimulation of myocardial function).
  2. Vasodilators. A category of popular vasodilators widely used to relieve symptoms of angina pectoris. They are fast-acting, available in any convenient dosage form.
  3. Calcium channel blockers. They have a relaxing effect on the walls of blood vessels, expanding the arteries, and they are widely used for arterial hypertension. The peculiarity of such drugs is the possibility to choose the intensity of the effect on the vascular smooth muscle: there are pills with moderate and pronounced vasodilator properties.
  4. Beta-blockers. Drugs that help fight marked heartbeat, high blood pressure. They are used in the prevention and recurrence of myocardial infarction.
  5. ACE inhibitors. Such drugs are used when it is necessary to reduce blood pressure, as well as to prevent heart failure. Means affect the lumen of blood vessels, reducing them, at the same time slowing the breakdown of the natural vasodilator in the body. Compatible with the diagnosis of diabetes, well tolerated by patients because of the minimal number of side effects.
  6. Antithrombotic. Drugs that stop the formation of blood clots – clotting products are extremely dangerous because they block the movement of blood and oxygen needed by the heart in blood vessels, which can lead to ischemic infarction with a fatal outcome.
  7. Atherosclerosis prophylaxis. The drugs in this group are statins and are prescribed for health reasons – they reduce the risk of heart attacks by reducing the production of cholesterol in the liver, which results in changes in blood levels. This leads to the fact that new atherosclerotic plaques do not form on the walls of blood vessels.

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