If you want to quickly restore your potency, nowadays, there are specialized medicines. You can buy them at https://svensktapotek.net/. But in this article, we will look at more ancient options for restoring male potency.


Scientists note that the ancient Indian tribes had rather reverent questions of sex. In order to begin a full sexual life and become a man, a teenager had to go through a special ritual that evaluated him. Although it is not clear what happened to those who could not pass this custom. It is not known whether they could have sex or were deprived of these privileges. Such a rather strange ritual the Indians underwent, but some of them still resorted to tricks to improve their potency.

The Indians had a special drink that only tribal leaders or priests could drink. The rest of the men had to cope with other methods and it is not clear how they fought poor potency. Moctezuma, the last Aztec emperor, consumed about fifty cups of this drink; as a result, he could sleep with half the women of his tribe in a day. This drink was called chocolatla. The Damiane plant was also used to increase sexual desire. To get the desired effect, people drank the juice of this plant, which was available to anyone, not just the leaders.

Greece and Ancient Rome

As early as the first millennium in the territory of these countries, it was believed that potency could be improved by eating the body parts of animals and birds. Many ate snakes or made more exotic solutions by eating the organs of goats or roosters. The outgrowth that formed on the forehead of stallions at birth was taken as one of the best remedies for problems. In today’s world, such remedies for improving libido seem strange, to say the least.


In ancient times, on the territory of this state, one of the best remedies to improve the potency in men was considered a plant – ginseng. The Chinese people considered this plant very useful and tried to eat its juice or make tea. Also in the country very often used acupuncture. It was necessary to stick small needles into special points on the body. As a result, blood circulation throughout the body was normalized, which made a man a sexual giant.


At the time when the Vikings attacked various villages, there were rumors about their sexual power. Some women at that time even dreamed that these foreigners from Scandinavian countries came to their settlement and took possession of them. The basis of their food was fish, as it was almost impossible to find other foods in the sea. The Vikings also learned various recipes from the Slavs, Romans, Greeks and Franks. They used these methods to improve their potency by several times and make the sex unforgettable.

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