Compared to many of its Mediterranean neighbours, Spain has shown remarkable stability. This is not about the economic situation – the country, like the whole world, is not spared the waves of crisis. And yet, the fact remains: the flow of people who dream of buying Spanish property, year after year only increases. Someone dreams of settling down on the coast to enjoy a well-deserved vacation in retirement. Businessmen are looking to make a successful investment. Families with children prefer to buy a villa in Spain, so that the sea air and bathing recovered kids during the holidays.

In his desire to get a “house by the sea” are equally unanimous French and Italian pensioners, as well as full of strength and business ambition merchants from around the world. In addition to the obvious factors: a favorable climate, magnificent nature, original culture – potential buyers of real estate attract “soft” conditions for obtaining visas. Becoming the owner of the house or townhouse, you can not worry about getting a multi visa. Even more pleasant detail: the purchase of housing in some regions significantly increases the chances of obtaining a residence permit.

Villa in Mallorca

The most attractive place for those planning to buy property is Mallorca. There are many reasons for this: the economic prosperity of the region, a good location between, many picturesque resorts, unique charm. For those who see the purchase of a house or villa as a promising investment, an important indicator is the consistently high demand for rent on the island. Purchased housing will grow in price, bring income, and soon enough will justify the money invested.

Real estate in Mallorca can not be considered inexpensive, almost all prices for villas, houses and estates – with five to six zeros, and often – with the family. The differences in value are due to the type of property offered, remoteness or proximity to the sea, the prestige of the area, the uniqueness of the architectural solution. The resort area of the island of Mallorca – in fact, very lively and cozy. So much so that it is here that the largest number of applicants for their own “piece of Spain” seeks to get. This place attracts with its ecology, well-groomed beaches, developed infrastructure, proximity to Barcelona. The local social system also plays a role: all children can attend a free municipal school. This is a big plus, if the purchase of real estate is conceived including the prospect for children to enter higher education institutions in Spain. As for the actual real estate in Mallorca – in the list of properties for sale will find the answer to even the most pretentious request.

Despite the attractiveness of real estate by the sea, for such a serious case, as buying a villa in Spain, you need a professional assistant.  An experienced pilot, who will guide the buyer to the house of his dreams in the shortest possible way, bypassing all possible “reefs”. With this role perfectly copes with the company, which operates in the Spanish real estate market for quite a long time. The base of real estate in this agency – one of the most voluminous and relevant. Online catalog on the site contains detailed information and photographs of villas, houses and estates for sale. Viewing allows you to get a preliminary impression, and provide a more detailed acquaintance with the object – it is already the work of the agency staff. The most rational algorithm for buying a house in Mallorca involves an initial visit to Spain with a business tour – to choose the appropriate option.