How to choose the perfect CS:GO scope

When we spend a lot of time in our favorite game, sooner or later we have a desire to customize it for ourselves. Usually the options for fine tuning control, graphics, network protocol and other important parameters in cybersports projects […]

How to buy a villa with a sea view

Compared to many of its Mediterranean neighbours, Spain has shown remarkable stability. This is not about the economic situation – the country, like the whole world, is not spared the waves of crisis. And yet, the fact remains: the flow […]

How to find good DevOps managed services?

It is hard to imagine a successful business conducting its IT operations without using DevOps services in 2020. What is much easier to imagine is working with the sub-par quality of DevOps skills, as highly-talented DevOps engineers are never unemployed. […]

Handyman: who is this?

Today the expression Handyman has become very popular, although it would be more correct to call such a specialist quite differently – “master for an hour”. He is ready to do any job, including building a house. Although, looking at […]

Cordless drill and its advantages

Along with mains electric drills, which must be connected to the outlet using a cord, manufacturers produce cordless drills. Such models use their own rechargeable battery as an energy source and do not require a constant connection to the network […]

How DevOps Can Enable More Effective DR Planning

Disaster recovery (DR) is more than just the restoration and validation of data. It often involves the reinstallation applications and painstaking reconfiguration to reflect changes that have been made over time. In today’s highly complex and ever-changing IT environments, it’s difficult […]

The Pros and Cons of Technical Debt

Financial debt can be a valuable tool for growing a business — companies commonly use loans or lines of credit to buy new equipment, reach new markets or expand operations. But too much debt can throttle cash flow and put your […]